Monday, December 10, 2007

Heart Broken!!

"Dolly, Come here you bitch" he summoned.
And there she came and sat next to him. Was she hurt, angst, saddened one couldnt say from her body language. Nevertheless she sat next to him. Looked into the eyes she had fallen in love with 3 yrs back. Those green eyes, clear, unambiguous, passionate, inquisitive. She still felt the warmth as he placed his hand over her head and patted her. She couldnt speak, for nothing she would say would make sense to him. It never did.
She thought about the 3 yrs they had spent together in that one bedroom house of his, in the ever busy, posh locale of South Delhi. She was brought up by some ppl whom she knew not, in the outskirts of the city. She dint know who her parents were and also if she had any siblings. She dint have any property or asset which would attract her kith and kin towards her. She had resigned herself to this life of hers. But then those days she was too young and may be a shade ignorant and immature to understand all this. Then one day, he came, they met, and it was love @ first sight. He had never told her, what he liked in her,and she never bothered to know also. But she fell for his green eyes. And then they allowed her to go with him. She wouldnt deny that she was apprehensive of going to some strange place with a complete stranger. But somehow those eyes of his calmed her nerves. They seemed to be telling her that she would be in good stead. There was love and care in those eyes. And ever since she was with him in this flat.
He was too good to be true and there wasnt one day when she failed to thank her stars and the GOD up above. They did everything together. He took her with him for his morning walks, she would cuddle up to him, as he read the news paper or watched the idiot box. Initially he was always with her. He used to take her out on long drives and used to be protective about her took great care of her.
Then all of a sudden, he started being away from the house for long hours during the day. He never explained anything to her. He never felt it was necessary. Or may be she wasnt worth it. She thought it was a temporary phenomenon, as he then happened to spend couple of days at home and he was his old caring self. But just when she thought the worst was over, he again continued this. He would come late at nights. Obviously tired, wouldnt have dinner, wouldnt bother to know if she has had hers. Would plomp himself on the bed deep asleep. He was upto something. Was he in trouble, did he require any help she often wondered? But she had never questioned anyone in her life, and how could she question him, her love , her saviour, her master? She accepted that as the routine, she had learnt to accept things in her life. She couldnt obviously deny the fact that she was hurt.
Then things changed for the worse, he came one day, with another girl. She hated to admit it, but the girl was stunningly sexy and he seemed to be all over her. She was deeply hurt. She did not eat anything that night. She cried quitely sitting on the couch where she used to cuddle up to him,as if they were the only two souls gracing Mother Earth.
Dolly watched as she sat next to him, arms in arms,quite oblivious of her presence, doing the same thing she used to do. She said nothing. She knew not what to do. Much to her chagrin, the girls' visits became regular. Dolly assumed this was what that was keeping him away from her. But just when she used to think that he liked her no more. He used to treat her well. She came to the conclusion, when the other girl wasnt there he was with her as before, but then when she was there, he completely forgot her. He behaved as if she never existed.
Her chain of thought was disturbed by the sudden creaking of the entrance door.She looked up and looked at him. "Dolly" he called her, the door of his house open. She stood her ground, she had gone through all this without complaining even once, but this was something she couldnt accept. She tried all that she could, she wagged her tail, licked his feet yet nothing could change his mind. She couldnt come to terms to the fact that she would now no more stay in the house, which she had thought was her home but instead would have to stay in a miniature house which was queerly named "KENNEL".