Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 Updates

Five months have passed this year, and am still living under the excuse of being too busy for ignoring my blog. Also my new addiction has to be blamed for the long absence. So finally when I logged in and saw that the last post was in November 2009, I immediately decided to post one right now.
So this isnt about any pcl tag, or any pcl issue, this is just my life in general. People expecting juicy tidbits would be disappointed and hence may leave now(Dont tell me I didnt warn you guys)
Ever since I have been on the new project, life has gone for a toss, first casualty being my gym. From being a regular, I hardly can recollect the last time I saw my gym. My sneakers and clothes are still in the locker( I sincerely hope this is the case)
Funny how things change, I was always waiting for one big project, since it was sometime, I was into one, and was really getting desperate and one lands right away, and now I dont have anything in my life other than that. Working late nights, exchanging hi's and hello's with my wife over the phone or in person during weekends has become the norm. Working weekends, long meetings conference calls and unlimited coffees and teas interspersed with long email chains has become a routine.
The only person who is very happy with all this is my Dad. My Dad being a workaholic, thinks its great that I have a lot of work. Being a hard working Public servant, he sees it as a good sign that the company is doing well and am getting numerous opportunities. My wife has her share of complains, but is now okay that I took a full day off and we both treated ourselves to a luxurious holiday to celebrate my second marriage anniversary. ( Yes guys!! you need to celebrate certain mistakes inorder to avoid repercussions).
Well wont bore you all with the steady monologue, so presenting in points form the highs and lows of the year so far for moi..
  1. Celebrated the new year with a large family gathering with a trip to Ooty, Coonoor and Neliyampathy. ( for pics pls lookup my orkut profile here)
  2. One of my best friends got married, was the witness for the marriage. (Wish them all love and luck)
  3. Travelled to California for 45 days, was a lovely trip, with the august company of project mates and lots of wine and beer. ( Managed to put on 4 kgs in this trip)
  4. Came back to open arms of my wife, my house and my lovely city Hyderabad to face the hot and humid summer ( This is really some change)
  5. Some interesting career move happening(more on this later, most of you already know)
  6. Two yrs of a bitter sweet love filled marriage completed. Love my wife for being with me and most importantly bearing me. (Looking forward to many many more sweet memories)
  7. Got hooked on to Twitter. Follow me here www.twitter.com/sreejitsh

Missed a few close friends marriages thanks to this very hectic schedule, havent called and spoken to a lot of them. But the primary priority right nw is a trip to Kerala to visit parents. Leaves are a distinct possibility so just waiting for the appropriate time.

Hopefully would post more often and next time better ones..

Thanks for reading... and awaiting the comments...