Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seedhi Baat No Bakwass

One of my best friend Ajay got married and in my busy schedule I couldnt make a trip to attend his wedding. So I thought of making it up by calling and wishing him the next day.
I was on my way back from office, and I dial in his number, and an automated voice at the other end greets me "Tata Indicom ki taraf se aap sabko swatantra diwas ki haardik subhkaamnayein, aap jis Tata Indicom upbhogta se sampark karna chahte hain, woh is samay vyast hain, kripiya line par rahiye ya fir baad main koshish kijiye"(Tata Indicom wishes u a happy Independance day, the Tata Indicom subscriber u are trying to reach is presently busy, please hold the line or call again later) I was shocked, I couldnt belive my ears, this was May, and the voice was wishing me a happy Independance day, three months well in advance. I thought there must be some mistake and I dial again, and the result is the same.
There after I tried calling this friend of mine some 15 odd times, on different days and on most times, he was out of network coverage or lines on that direction were busy. Thank God I was spared of the 'Swatantra Divas shit'.

I hope all you ppl in the past month or so have come across the ad campaign for Tata Indicom, where in they take on all other network providers and claim to have the most superior mobile network coverage( The Hello Hello ad). I was seeing the ad today and I thought, the ad made such a mockery of itself. If there was any subscriber who would be so used to saying 'Hello' Hello' it would most probably be a Tata Indicom subscriber and hence the post.

Well talking about ad campaigns mocking themselves, I just couldnt help myself, but include the Sprite Kolkata Knight Riders ad campaign. ( For the uninformed KKR are at the pit of the IPL losing 11 of its 14 matches) In that particular ad, a guy has a battalion of mean looking men and SRK comes out of the blue and asks him:
SRK: Yeh sab kis liye?
Guy: Opposition ko harane ke liye darana padhta hain Sir.
SRK:(Pointing towards the players of KKR) To phir yeh sab kis liye?
Guy: Opposition ko harane ke liye Sir.
SRK:Seedhi Baat No Bakwass Clear Hain!!
Guy: Yes Sir.
This ad used to come at all situations when the KKR would have dished out another of their uninspiring, disappointing performance and would be staring at defeat. And ad would be such a slap on the face.
Some ads really backfire, but any discussion on ads cannot be complete without talking about Zoozoo's who have taken the entire country by storm by such a innovative style of marketing the products.
But for those dumb ads one wouldnt appreciate the good ones.

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