Monday, November 30, 2009

26/11 -The Anniversary

Finally the much awaited anniversary is over. So what did we do on that big day.
Some news channels re-visited the horrific scenes, some others called upon a panel to discuss the anniversary. Some others made available graffiti or poster where citizens could write some messages and feel patriotic and proud. Some famous patrons assembled themselves at the Gateway of India, while others were content giving interviews about the so called spirit of Mumbai and how guests have started pouring into the Taj or for that matter the Leopold Café.

If one were to believe the unofficial reports we spend about 31 crores a year to keep Kasab in jail. And the trial keeps going on and on. Just today his lawyer was sacked. Now we would spend another 2 months finalizing his replacement.
I thought the entire world saw him brandishing his AK 47. He even confessed to his crime. What more do you want to pronounce him guilty? How many more dossiers do we need to send to Pakistan. Or are we waiting for Uncle Sam to tell us Kasab is guilty.

I will tell you my idea of the anniversary, hang Kasab by the neck in full public view. Send his body and that of the other 9 slain terrorists to Pakistan and if they refuse give them a burial here. And to double the extravaganza hang Afzal Guru as well. Well, I hope people still remember his name. Because public memory is very short-lived, otherwise how could RR Patil be re-elected as the home-minister of Maharashtra within a year?

And all those people thinking am a blood thirsty, eye for an eye kind of a heartless guy, I give a damn. If anyone attacks your home, would you keep quiet. Will your reaction be the same? Why are we so not bothered? And if you call that the spirit of Mumbai then God damn you. Its just a selfish attitude. As long as it doesn’t affect me and my relatives and friends I live under the so called spirit of Mumbai.

I feel pity for the martyrs like Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan who laid down their lives fighting the enemy coz, the state and the elected leaders are their biggest enemies.
So carry on writing grafitis and feel proud about it.


M@verick said...

Loved the post!
We saw the HBO documentary on the anniversary; more than surprised to know that we didnt do even a pinch to save those lives.
Its a shame that India has been the most hit by terrorist attacks and still never have an action plan when something hits; it jeopardises their minds when the news hits them and by the time they are into action; so many lives are lost.

I am sure the next thing will be another attack/hijack/taking people hostage to release these two criminals; thanks to the delay in justice!


Sabarish Chandrasekharan said...

Hanging him in public would make him a martyr amongst those jehadists. Why do we have to be all showy about it? Pronounce him guilty and hang him. Bury him in some god-forbidden place and go on with beefing up our security, invest on our intelligence buerau's etc. Kasab is just a pawn in this whole excercise no body cares about him other than our pesky TV channels. All we can do is to pray that this was the last time such a gruesome incident happens and pay respect to all those martyrs like sandeep.