Tuesday, July 20, 2010


They can be cute, funny and some times dreaded too. But surely at some point of time you are associated with one and then it remains with you for a good period of your life and in some cases your life time, and in some avoidable cases it becomes your identity for the rest of your life.

This blog post is not about the cute lovey dovey ones, that either our parents or loved ones give us, but the ones that become our identity more so when we are in a hostel environment. Cant blame the people when so many people co exists creativity flows and in most cases ends up in a dreaded unmentionable nickname.

I have had the unenviable distinction of being on the receiving end during my four years of Engineering. How that name got stuck and how it became my identity isn’t something I would be letting you guys know. I have always hated that nickname, so don’t expect any juicy tidbits there. And yes my frnds who would walk by this post would surely post that am quite sure of that.

So I had a nickname, no it didn’t end at that, it became my identity, even to the extent that my frnds parents would refer to me (thank god in my absence) by that name. Cant blame them.

I tried various strategies to shrug off the name, that my friend leaked out one day in the dining hall and which then went on to become my identity, from seniors to juniors all knew me by that name. I would assume the proffessors dint know or atleast had the courtesy not to call me by that name. That I was mostly bunking lectures might have worked out in my favour.

I was just thinking of the various ways one could nip such avoidable nicknames in the bud. If you get irritated then they obviously like it and they keep calling you. You cant pick up a fight with 400 of them.. Impossible!! If you play along, then they think you like it anyways so they call you anyways. You cant ignore them, coz you meet them everywhere. Living four years away from family they were like an extended family themselves.

Much as I hate my nickname, but I love all the wonderful memories that comes along with it and the wonderful friends I made in those four years. But I still hate it when I have to introduce myself to my some long lost friend of mine over the phone, by my nickname. But then thats life..

But how do you shrug off a nickname, food for thought, if you have any pointers, you know where to write.

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mahi said...

I'm trying to figure wat the nickname might be... :)